How to make big decisions.

Hi. I have no idea what month we're in.

The other day I caught myself telling someone I’d just moved here, only to have my brain notify me, moments later, that we are now in February, that I moved to Santa Fe last year in April, and that I should really update my little, “Hi my name is Jen and I’m new in town” spiel. Oh. Due to my… Read More ▶

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Hear ye hear ye oh people of Colorado!

BADASS-1280x720 small

My big goal of late (one of them anyway) is to get a fancy speaking agent and receive big bags of money to travel the world informing the people of Earth of their Badassery. Hence I booked me a big ole gig for 2 nights at the Dairy Center for the Arts in Boulder Colorado THIS MONDAY AND TUESDAY FOLKS… Read More ▶

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Thank you Joe Vitale.

Hi. I'm the nicest guy in the world.

I recently had the high honor of being interviewed by Dr. Joe Vitale for his podcast – listen to the show HERE. I’m sharing this with you because: 1.) Hello?! Joe is gigantically big time (he’s written a zillion, #1 Bestselling books, been in movies like The Secret, he’s a major online marketing smartypants, has buttloads of life-changing products and… Read More ▶

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I’m going on nationwide TV, dammit!

Ellen Degeneres

Okay Marge, things are getting large around here. And it’s time I got my Badass on TV. The mainstream kind. Hence, I beseech you, oh wise one, to: 1.) Give me your vote for exactly which TV show I will do every single solitary thing in my power to get on until it happens I am so not kidding over… Read More ▶

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Believing the Unbelievable


I’m extremely pleased, and not terribly surprised, to report that I found the perfect house in Santa Fe. I knew exactly what I wanted, and even though I waited too late in the season (do not wait until spring to look for a place folks!) and the pickins were alarmingly slim, I landed a house that that I merrily skip… Read More ▶

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Huge News!

The land that I love

Hear ye hear ye! On this day in April, which is 3 years to the day that I bid adieu to my address, put my stuff in storage and leapt into the void to embark on a life-altering journey of global nomadery, I have an announcement to make: I am trading in my wandering ways and shacking up (“settling” and… Read More ▶

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