Mexico, Ole!

Hotel Playas Conchas Chinas

Forgive me father, it’s been over a month since my last post. But it’s been 80 degrees and sunny everyday and I’ve been living in Puerto Vallarta here: With him: Looking out at this: Hiking through this: Ending up here:   Throwing dinner parties: And hosting nieces: And mothers: And our friend Hilary: and Justin’s boyfriend Todd whom I seem… Read More ▶

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Turn your not-so-proud moments into AWESOMESAUCE


After spending a couple weeks in Durango, Colorado, with the cutest people on earth, celebrating Christmas and, drum roll please, breaking up with my boyfriend… I spent most of January and part of February living at the home of two dear pals, Gina and Glenn, in Montecito, California. This is where an interesting and extremely profound thing happened to me… Read More ▶

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Thanks to 30,000 Badasses….

30,000 sold and counting - woo hooooo!

I just got the news that because people like YOU bought my book, we have officially sold over 30,000 copies and it’s not even a year old yet! I am screaming in your face about this because: 1. THANK YOU FOR BUYING MY BOOK AND FOR PASSING IT ON TO YOUR FRIENDS SERIOUSLY YOU ARE TOTALLY AWESOME! 2. I’m a… Read More ▶

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A Christmas Story


I’m in Durango, Colorado, visiting my pal Sarah and her extremely-excited-for-Christmas kids. It’s been a looooong time since I’ve spent Christmas around people who believe in flying reindeer and elves and strange men sliding down chimneys with arms full of presents. At one point, when asked, I found myself explaining that Mrs. Clause spends Christmas Eve getting a relaxing foot… Read More ▶

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All Roads Lead to Dolly


We just took a several hundred-mile detour on our cross-country road trip to make a pilgrimage to Dollywood. I am a GIGANTICALLY ENORMOUS Dolly Parton fan. It’s not necessarily because I’m madly in love with her music or her movies or her books (although I do love me some of them). It’s because I’m in love with her bright, shiny,… Read More ▶

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Russel Brand Vs. Jen Sincero


Kay, so, I’m basically Wilma Flintstone when it comes to popular culture (don’t own a TV, might as well live in a cave, bone in my hair, etc.), but for some reason this Russel Brand video broke through the bedrock and made it onto my radar and got me all in a tizzy! Behold, Wilma, fresh out of bed, making… Read More ▶

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