Badass of the Week

Hey, Badass!

I love getting to know my peeps, seeing how you're living, spreading the word of your badassery and discovering how creative you can get with your selfie sticks.

As a result, I'm running an Instagram campaign called #BadassoftheWeek.

If you'd like a chance to be chosen as #BadassoftheWeek and have your awesome self broadcast far and wide over the Badass socialsphere, please post a pic with my book(s) to your public Instagram account (extra points for creative/hilarious shots), tag me (@jensincero) and include the hashtag #BadassoftheWeek! Thaaaaaaank you!

– Jen

You drew this @liubi_art?! I can barely draw a smiley face! You are indeed a badass! Yeah! In fact, you're #BadassOfTheWeek - thanks so much for sharing your brilliance with us!
Kay, so, I thought I was all badass because I have awesome wallpaper in my house, but until I get some pants to match, I will bow down to you @elaneliteyoga. Thanks for sharing your exuberance with us and for being #BadassOfTheWeek!
You wear success, talent and paint-covered aprons well, @jaydonra6. Keep up the brilliant work please - thanks for being #BadassOfTheWeek!
How many badasses does it take to literally pull herself up by her bootstraps after her house burns down on her birthday? Only one, apparently. Those must have been some big-ass birthday candles! Thanks for refusing to let challenges get in your way @theashleystanley, and for doing it while looking fabulous with a smile on your face - you are truly an inspiration!
I've always thought "safety first" was an overrated concept, especially when one is reaching for ultimate badassery. Way to live on the edge @kim.harries - I love everything about this picture, from the fake rocks to your cute horse to the fact that even though you're reading while jumping, you're still wearing a helmet. Thanks for being #BadassOfTheWeek!
This is what I call traveling in style! This picture brings me so much joy and peace because I too hope to one day live in a tree. Thanks for such a sweet pic @carebonini (and such a well-lit one!), for tirelessly working on yourself and for being #BadassOfTheWeek!
This is what I call traveling in style! Front of the plane, back of the car, side of the bike - way to be a badass @courtbags - thanks for this awesome pic and for being #BadassOfTheWeek.
I have yet to get to Seoul - thanks for paving the way and for introducing Buddha to me in case I decide to go @alexis.pouncy! And even more importantly, thanks for inspiring all of us by blowing past your fear and doing something awesome (that was, of course, not nearly as scary as you thought it would be). Well done #BadassOfTheWeek!
Way to turn your car into a mobile vision board @dionnebertling! Here's to your fabulous radio career and the stepping stones that get you there. Thanks for posting and for being #BadassOfTheWeek!
Motivation, tenacity, good habits, remembering that you are indeed an extremely bad ass are all muscles that must be worked out at the spiritual gym. Way to choose awesome work-out buddies @lacomadrenancyrosas - thanks for being #BadassOfTheWeek!
I don't know who's having more fun - the folks madly making out or exploring what a total badass he is. Thanks for this excellent picture and for being #BadassOfTheWeek!
Thanks for bringing the button behind the scenes and for ensmartening yourself and others @lawschoolproject. And thanks for being #BadassOfTheWeek!
Ain't nothin I love more than seeing a badass invest in her own awesomeness. Congrats on the book @robynliechti and for allowing yourself to kick so much butt. Thanks for being #BadassOfTheWeek!
This picture makes my heart so happy - thanks for helping the kids understand early on that they deserve and are capable of manifesting financial abundance @ninastrenk! What a glorious line-up of badasses!
What a lovely color combo @rocio_rob and what a lovely sight to see you keeping the fire lit beneath your own badassery. Keep it up and thanks for being #BadassOfTheWeek!
Laydeez! I'm honored to have been brought on tour with you and to have my book all cartoony lit up by you. Keep up the good work of pumping and dumping and thanks for being #BadassOfTheWeek!!
Yes. Please. Gigantic hot tub + adios limiting money beliefs + big promotion at work. I do believe @capturedbykirstie has clearly earned her stripes as #BadassOfTheWeek - thanks for posting, and soaking, lady!
Thanks for keeping that bright shiny light of yours burning strong @tatianaaaak - you are a truly inspiring #BadassOfTheWeek!!
I clearly need to start an adorable asses of the week contest - I mean, LOOK at those sweet faces! Thanks so much for this great picture @emilyreidartist and for being #BadassOfTheWeek!
Ain't nothin you can't do when you surround yourself with lots of smart people, badassery and champagne. Way to be an inspiration @weddingworkshopstl - thanks for posting and for being #BadassOfTheWeek!
Just as it is with impressive/scary yoga moves, so it is in life: Who you surround yourself with greatly effects whether you rise up, smiling, with pointed twinkle toes or come crashing down to the ground. Thanks for such an awesome photo @emilystrickler and for being #BadassOfTheWeek!
Ain't nothing like having yer mind blown clear off yer bod by your own Badassery! Thanks for doing the work @eniebee.1 and for this fabulous #BadassOfTheWeek photo!
THIS is why they make dogs irresistibly cute. Sorry you got busted pal, but glad you liked my book. Thanks for posting @erin_s_mcintyre, for having a dog with an excellent forgive me face and for being #BadassOfTheWeek!
He's loading up on the Badassery folks, watch out! Thanks for being #BadassOfTheWeek @whitesidepublishing and for sharing your triple punch of powah!
Oh how I love the joy portrayed in this shot! Keep soaking in your own awesomeness, @brekynj, and thanks for being #BadassOfTheWeek!
Congrats on leaping into the ever-excellent adventure of traveling the world @flymommychronicles - so glad the Badassery is following you around the globe! Thanks for sharing and for being #BadassOfTheWeek!
That is true commitment @mom_ontheverge, exposing a bare naked hand in frostbitey weather in order to fine tune your Badassery. Well done #BadassOfTheWeek!
The more badasses you surround yourself with, the mightier you become - thanks for spreading the love @myirakhancounselling and for being #BadassOfTheWeek!
I salute you @yogawithbetsyjodi, for showing us that life truly is a party when you take the time to get clear on your dreams, work on your badassery, and make a puppy pile on your couch with your besties. Thanks for being #BadassOfTheWeek!
A foot bath! Why don't I own a foot bath? That looks goooood @survivingtheundiagnosed. Thanks for strengthening your badassery, for being #BadassOfTheWeek and for turning me on to my soon-to-be favorite new purchase.
Is it possible that you're reading, cooking AND standing on one leg @tdachideni? I salute your multi tasking badassery and thank you for being #BadassOfTheWeek.
I've gotten lots of submissions with pets but never the ole tongue in the eye shot - ha! Thanks for this great pic, @nesting_space, and for being #BadassOfTheWeek!
As someone who is extremely challenged when it comes to balance, I find your ability to calmly lounge on that skinny-ass palm trunk very impressive @healthyversionofyas. I am also impressed that you're working on yourself instead of playing Marco Polo with those guys behind you. Thanks for posting @healthyversionofyas and for being #BadassOfTheWeek!
Behold the fabulosity that poureth forth from the inspired mind of @art_a_latte! Thanks for sharing your talents with us and for being #BadassOfTheWeek!
Hello?! Talk about a honkin truckload of greatness - I love this shot so much! Thanks for posting @billymanas2 and for being the big ole #BadassOfTheWeek.
And then there were three....Thanks for posting the first-ever trifecta of Badassery in #BadassOfTheWeek @mskarinawyllie and for committing to making your 2019 extremely excellent. And colorful. You can doooooo eeeeeet!
Behold @leonardo_ferace_pt, lifting the hefty weight of his own Badassery as if it ain't no thang. Thanks for working out your body, mind and soul and for being #BadassOfTheWeek my Italian brother!
Only people with excellent posture can look this relaxed with a variety of things balanced on their heads, especially some things that appear to be breakable. Thanks for striking a pose, @thehazelshoppe, and for being #BadassOfTheWeek!
Way to commit to permanent badassery @jennifermortonwriter! Excellent placement btw - every time you look down at your hand you will remember who you are. Thanks for sharing such awesomeness and for being #BadassOfTheWeek.
Accountability partners! Christmas lights! Cocktails! Badassery! Ain't nothing stopping these two! Thanks for showing us all how it's done @kyleclaytongore and for being #BadassOfTheWeek!
Rarely do I buy that the animals are actually reading in the pictures people send in, but hello? This horse would clearly get an A on a money making pop quiz. Thanks for posting @cool_aid_mom, for being #BadassOfTheWeek and for having such cute fur friends!
Attitude is everything - thank you @thechosentypeone for being such a badass and for sharing your sunny self with us all. I hereby declare you #BadassOfTheWeek, #DiaBadassOfTheWeek and #ExcellentMakerOfFlowerRingsBadassOfTheWeek
What you focus on you create more of and @ladyhaha39 has clearly found an excellent surrounding to inspire herself with. Thanks for playing bit and for being #BadassOfTheWeek!
Please let us know if rushing all the blood to your head after reading the books makes a difference, @quittingbydesign! I think that's a very innovative idea. Plus it's always a good idea to look at things upside down. You never know what you'll discover. Thanks for posting and for being #BadassOfTheWeek!
I love seeing how the word Badass translates into different languages, and I have to say "Hammer" is one of my favorites. And so are you, @lanzarote_jewellery, on your impressively multi-lingual quest for greatness! Thanks so much for posting and for being #BadassOfTheWeek!
Thank you for reiterating the importance of the early morning power hour @shebloomz. It is seriously a major life changer. Also, thank you for wearing my book as a hat. Also, thank you for being #BadassOfTheWeek!
How on earth do you do that @jewel_chamber and how do you make it look so easy? If you're half as good at making money as you are at combing your hair with your toes, you's a be rich in no time! Thanks for posting and for being #BadassOfTheWeek!
First of all, >@kellytrach, happy birthday! Second of all, Vancouver was all sorts of awesome, thanks so much for coming! Third of all, next time you show up at one of my events, I would like to hear your parrot impression. Thanks for being #BadassOfTheWeek!
How cool is flying your badass around in a tiny plane @dixiefriedfabrication?! I'm so honored to have made the weight limit cut and to get to join you on your journey. Thanks for being #BadassOfTheWeek!
Behold multi-tasking superstar, @hendrik.kaiser. I don't know what impresses me most - that you're working on your money making badassery, doing yoga in jeans, or that you own a Rubik's cube - they still make those things? Thanks for all you do @hendrik.kaiser, and for being #BadassOfTheWeek!
I'd be curious to hear what your baby discovered while monitoring your heart rate as you read about money @ben.talbot.dunn. Methinks your heart was saying "hell yes"? Thanks for posting this adorable picture and for being @BadassOfTheWeek!
Talk about a badass photo - werd to yer berd @riawarner! Thanks for letting me hang with the mighty creatures in this picture and for being #BadassOfTheWeek.
There's nothing I love more than hiking out of the Grand Canyon without actually having to hike out of it. Thanks for bringing the badassery with you @bronwynmorrissey, and for being a fellow nature lover. And for surrounding yourself with fellow badass nature lovers. Congrats on an awesome accomplishment and thanks for being #BadassOfTheWeek!
I hereby give @papermirrorsreflection an A+ for his no-nonsense attitude, diligent note taking and excellent penmanship. Keep up the awesome work oh #BadassOfTheWeek - I'm so thrilled, and not surprised, you're already seeing results!
Thanks for modeling the double whammy of Badassery @juststeph1, and for getting out there and kicking some butt! We do hereby proclaim you this week's #BadassOfTheWeek - yeehaw!
I give @rouge_atlanta an A+ for color, composition and style for miles! Thanks for sharing your fabulosity with us and for being this week's #BadassOfTheWeek.
This week's #BadassOfTheWeek was chosen because she can do a split, because she can do a split in the air, because she can do a split in the air with a smile on her face, and because she can do a split in the air with a smile on her face and read at the same time. Thanks fer sharing your badassery @riseaerialdance!
I don't know about you, but seeing people crawl on top of their friends and balance on their backs never, ever gets old to me. Thanks for brightening our day with your badass pyramid @4chickschatting and for being #BadassOfTheWeek!
I just really love the place you've snuggled up to read your book @maregoods. And if you made a video riding around the ring like this, we may just have to create a badass of the month award. Thanks for sharing this awesome pic with us and for being #BadassOfTheWeek!?
Every once in a while I get a submission for #BadassOfTheWeek that I share with anyone who will sit still long enough. Your picture @missbrittrae (once I looked at it long enough to realize exactly what was happening here) definitely made the rounds. My word, how do you DO that?
I too must write things down on large pieces of paper to make sure I don't forget/breeze by them/can see them without my glasses on. Thanks for informing yourself, and us, of your Badassery @cody.whittle and for being #BadassOfTheWeek!
Look at this rainbow of awesomeness and not-screwing-aroundness! Well done @alex_marie_koza - clearly ain't nothin standing in your way. Here's to being #BadassOfTheWeek - thanks for reminding us all to get the f*ck on the f*ck with our own affirmations.
I'm looking for a new desk chair and am wondering if this is as comfortable as it looks? I think you're onto something here @drbreepow - thanks for possibly making my workday more acrobatic and for being #BadassOfTheWeek!
Thanks for keeping goat lore alive @andreaadleman and for being this week's #BadassOfTheWeek. Goats can climb trees y'all (so well they got their own damn calendar), which means you can do anything.
I'm proud to be part of your gussying up @bethbucz. I'm also glad I was just inspired to use the word "gussy" - where the hell does that expression originate from?? Thanks for being all the you you can be and for being #BadassOfTheWeek!
All hail this week's #BadassOfTheWeek for seeking and seizing her divine right to be a Badass! A rich Badass, no less. Thanks for this awesome picture @le_coaching - someone definitely needs to put it on a t-shirt. Or a stained glass window.
True courage is wearing a mud mask and putting a spotlight on it. Thanks for posting, @elizabethrepasshollida, for beautifying and badassing your face and your mind at the same time, and for being this week's #BadassOfTheWeek!
I don't know which I love more @lularoedianadinematos - that you de-germed your house while listening to my book or that you did it while wearing lit up cat ears. Thanks for being this week's #BadassOfTheWeek and for listening to my book while wearing rubber gloves.
This week's #BadassOfTheWeek dances if she wants to, and is gonna make a living at it cuz she wants to too, m'kay? Thanks for posting @movethefurniture, and for your awesome moves. Can't wait to say I knew you when!
With the right preparation, you can accomplish anything. I salute this week's #BadassOfTheWeek for gathering all the necessary props to keep herself in the zone. Thanks for posting @alyssapboyd! Also, I think I have that same blanket. You are clearly not screwing around when it comes to the cozy.
Ok, we may have to send @acfrost_reflections some sort of appreciative Badass trophy for her impressive collection of badass paraphernalia. Thanks for going for it on such a grand scale @acfrost_reflections and for being #BadassOfTheWeek - keep it up!
Life is a party if you let it be, m'kay? And the way you let it be is by getting out of your own way, consciously choosing where you place your focus, surrounding yourself with awesome, high vibe people, taking bold, badass action and being grateful. And yes, champagne, champagne! Thanks for this awesome shot @zillabeth, and for being #BadassOfTheWeek. Do please say howdy to everyone in your book club for me!
Be not afraid, y'all! Focus on your fantasticness! Thanks for modeling this so beautifully, @gabriella_federico, and for being this week's #BadassOfTheWeek!
The only thing I like better than a Badass is a color-coordinated Badass. Thanks so much for posting and being #BadassOfTheWeek @dr.jamesetta - you wear your yellow, and your Badassery, very well!
See how much fun being a badass can be? @karyna_shackelford’s lovely grin is living proof that working on yourself and manifesting exactly what you desire is not "hard" like we've been taught, but rather as delicious as a big ole frothy latte. Thanks for sharing and for being #BadassOfTheWeek!
I'll high five to your badassery anyday @reframebodylove (and I am a staunch non-high fiver so that is large). Looks like you are kicking butt and having a grand ole time doing it! Thanks for flashing mah favorite colors of the rainbow and for being #BadassOfTheWeek.
I really do love me some mixing business with pleasure. Way to be brave and show the world how it's done @peacockedplanner - thanks for posting and for being #BadassOfTheWeek. Are you wearing sunscreen I hope?
Thanks for posting @babyvind11 and for braving the chill to give us such a stunningly picturesque shot! And, of course, thanks for being #BadassOfTheWeek.
I love these ladies! Thanks for reminding us how surrounding yourself with awesome people is critical to your Badassery @vitalebuford. And clearly a buttload of fun. Thanks for being #BadassOfTheWeek and for having me in your book group!
@kittymojito's mama is channeling how I feel about the fact that I'm going to (hopefully) be staring at YOU soon! I'm out on tour right now with the paperback release of #YouAreABadassAtMakingMoney- do please check out my schedule here: and join the party! Big thanks to @kittymojito for being this week's #BadassOfTheWeek and for taking such an awesome picture...
This could be us! Behold the badasses who came out for my last book tour and please insert your fine face here by coming to see me ON TOUR NOW! Thank you for this awesome pic, for being #BadassOfTheWeek and for your support @nicolechamberlain2 - hope to see you out on the road again soon! To get all the info on where you can catch me on tour now with the brandy new...
Ain't nothing I like better than meeting my badass readers like @jessicadioguardimiller, who's doing the work, laughing in the face of her fears and downing a double dose of Badassery! Do please follow her excellent example and make my day by coming to SEE ME ON TOUR NEXT MONTH! All the deets are here: Thanks so much for posting...
This is what a badass at making money looks like. Thanks for reading your little heart out @lucylovesumore and for being #BadassOfTheWeek!
Ok, this #BadassOfTheWeek makes me want to run victory laps around my house! If you're struggling with self-acceptance, read what this bright, shiny light went ahead and shifted for herself. Thanks for being such a mighty inspiration @mylifeinscotland and please keep up the awesome work - the world needs you!
Exhibit A: Behind every Badass book is a Badass honing her Badassery. Keep it up, @total_life_transformations - I hope your weekend proved worthy of you!
I'm refraining from making some bad pun about having money on your mind or truly mastering the mindset of wealth even though I just pretty much un-refrained right there. Oh well. Thanks for posting @killerkissesbykimber - you wear your Badassery well!
This is my favorite study group ever! Y'all are ridiculously cute. Thanks for posting and for spreading the Badassery @anniemfonte!
Um, your 103 year old local library has more coolness going on than just my book! Thanks for checking out the Badassery @mac68gypsy and for being #BadassOfTheWeek.
And you are really helping the world out by investing the time, money and belief in your own Badassery @apixyinparis. Thanks for posting and for being this week's #BadassOfTheWeek.
SO stylin! Omg I love this shot. And I love you, @dressingdaryn, for working on your Badassery and for spreading the love. Check out her blog my peeps because being awesome is always in fashion - yeehaw!
Yes please! Sun, swimming, wine, a pal, and some Badassery on top. Not to mention hanging out in Spain - well done @zunna, thanks for being #BadassOfTheWeek.
I am sooooooo grateful for you too @_jennyclay! Thanks so much for investing the time and money and belief in yourself. Here's to manifesting all of it - you can doooooo eeeeet!
I am honored to share the spotlight with your mighty uterus @arteryink! Thanks for posting this awesome shot and for being #BadassOfTheWeek.
Ha! So fun meeting you @shiftingquickly and posing for this shot! Thanks for letting me poke my nose in yer bizniss and for being this week's #BadassOfTheWeek.
Way to be an excellent example of Badassery @iamherbunny by making sure to fit the self-helpery into your busy schedule. And way to fill my heart with joy by posting a picture of one of my favorite slot canyons in one of my favorite places on Earth. Thanks for taking me on your hike and for being #BadassOfTheWeek!
Oh how I love this picture! So brilliant. Way to bring the good juju to the casino @mmway777! Thanks for being #BadassOfTheWeek and here's to hitting the jackpot. You can doooo eeeeeet!
Congrats to this week's #BadassOfTheWeek for upping her game financially and for cracking the code to getting her book done: Writing = Ass +Chair. Way to be an inspiration @kellrebecca_ - thanks for posting!
Ain't nothing like relaxing into the understanding that you able and allowed to be as wealthy as you wanna be - thanks for this lovely shot, @chattygirlmedia, and for being this week's #BadassOfTheWeek!
Once you get over your issues and into the flow, making money is like spending a balmy day poolside with a refreshing bevvy. Big thanks to @compassmaven, this week's #BadassOfTheWeek, for the fabulous visual reminder!
I love nothing more than hiking out in nature, so I really appreciate you taking a little piece of me with you @kristigorton. Thanks for doing the work and for being this week's #BadassOfTheWeek!
As mentioned in the book, this #BadassOfTheWeek is hanging with the Presidents of the United States of America (and has them reading over her shoulder no less). Thanks for the great shot, @dbloves_, and thanks for posting!
Hello? Not screwing around much? Well done @jenvarela_pets_and_projects. If your willingness to take great leaps into the unknown is as impressive as your no-nonsense studiousness, I suspect you'll be rolling in a very large pile of dough very soon. Thanks for posting and for being this week's #BadassOfTheWeek!
This #BadassOfTheWeek has the right idea - horizontal reading chair, fancy pool complete with fountain (is that a cave?), perfect weather...thanks for luxuriating in your Badassery @therealtamzoo, the world appreciates your awesomeness!
If this guinea pig thinks you are a badass at making money, then you are a badass at making money. I mean, look at the wisdom in those eyes! The no-nonsense pucker in those lips! Thanks for posting and for being #BadassOfTheWeek @beggscatherine.
This is so exciting! I love it when people quit their ho-hum jobs to pursue the lives of their dreams - way to inspire the crap out of us, @easy.organics - we'll be cheering you on and keeping an eye out for your awesome products. Thanks for posting and for being #BadassOfTheWeek!
Well done, @garynyc1071, way to up your game! Thanks for sharing the fanciness and inspiring other badasses out there to follow suit - adios bag of chips, hello #BadassOfTheWeek!
I mean, come ON! This is what it's all about—gathering together with like-minded, no-nonsense fellow smartypantses who invest time, money and cheese plates in being the most Badass they can be. Thanks so much for being this week's #BadassOfTheWeek @elly_haddad and for spreading the love!
Ye olde doubly whammy of Badassery! Thanks for spreading the love, @wheresoulsbloom , and for being this week's #BadassOfTheWeek !
Hello? How much do I love this week's #BadassOfTheWeek, smothering herself in a pile of Badassery? Thanks for spreading the love, @nestlecrrrunch, and for posting this adorable shot. The world can't wait to read your book - woot!
All hail this week's #BadassOfTheWeek @kirareedlorsch , now on tour with her book #scorethebook , spreading the word on love, money and being fabulous. Look how sweet our books look side by side - sniff! Thanks for posting sister and huge congrats!
Surrender to The Universe, it wants you to be rich! Thanks for being #BadassOfTheWeek , @missypinkwillow . And for spreading the love. And for letting yourself get rich. And for having an extremely cute cat.
That's right y'all, another Badass is steppin it up! Well done @aprilhauck , thanks for investing in your awesomeness and for being #BadassOfTheWeek !
Tah dah! Congrats to this week's #BadassOfTheWeek, @samanthastorozuk_rmt , for launching her workshop and for making money her trusted pal. Well done!
See? See how Badass you can be? Thanks for being such a Badass role model, @bunzfitness - have a blast in Vegas (methinks it shant be a problem). Thanks for being #BadassOfTheWeek - keep it up!
Behold this week's #BadassOfTheWeek , cozying up to the ex prez and whispering sweet badasseries in his ear. Thanks so much for posting @sanchezomalley and for sharing the love!
I love seeing the ladies in the hizzouse passing on the money know-how - thanks to this week's #BadassOfTheWeek , @maddncm , and your mom, for sharing! Here's to moms, daughters, sisters, friends, all the ladies of the world holding each other up to the truth that there ain't nothin more ladylike than discussing, learning about, sharing and earning as much money as you wanna.
Hello? How awesome is this?! Parental and prenatal Badassery - rock on @isaacblancas , what an incredible family (and eye for portraiture) you've got there. Congratulations on the forthcoming wee one and thanks so much for being this week's #BadassOfTheWeek !
Thanks to this week's #BadassOfTheWeek, @healthcoachgold , for making money a big ole deal in her life and for coming out to see me on tour! Love the glasses :) Speaking of seeing me on tour, I'm hitting the road again end of September - please check my website for deets and bring your Badass out - woot!
Behold this week's #BadassOfTheWeek, who reminds us that staying in shape physically, spiritually and financially is a practice worth practicing. Thanks for sharing @happi_nessa , and for inspiring us all to get our butts onto the proverbial mat of life!
That's what I'm talkin bout - success and badassery and flowin in the dough with a cat on your head. Hell yes! Thanks for posting and being this week's #BadassoftheWeek @eelozada !
OMG, this is a party I would go to ALL DAY LONG. This week's #BadassoftheWeek is so cute it's giving me a cramp! Thanks so much for posting @delayna.mahoney . Seriously, I love this so much :)
This week's #BadassoftheWeek clearly understands that you can never have too much Badassery. Or riches. Or friends. Well done @boymom1010 - thanks so much for posting!
Behold this week's #BadassoftheWeek - I loves me the energy and enthusiasm and shameless announcing of their intentions to get rich - well done ladies and thanks so much for posting @aubrey.e.willis
I loves me some entrepreneurial spirit and anyone who sticks badassery down her pants! Congrats on the new business and thanks for being #BadassoftheWeek!
Behold this week's #BadassoftheWeek, chosen for being an excellent student, for having lovely penmanship and for owning a mug that says Bingo is a Ball. Thanks for posting @juliethroughtheglass
Behold this week's #badassoftheweek who ain't gonna let a tray smeared with strained peas stand in her way of getting what she wants. She is clearly not screwing around. Thanks for posting @itskennafit !
This week's #badassoftheweek was chosen because his/her eyes go so beautifully with my new book and also because cats. I love em. Thanks for posting @fatalburn1
OMG I love this - when is The Boxing Nun not funny? Answer: Never! Oh how I've missed her. Thanks for posting and being #Badassoftheweek @ermaierwrites
Behold this week's #Badassoftheweek chosen for obvious reasons. I believe in miracles so I'm gonna go ahead and believe this picture was not altered in any way. Rock on and get rich with your floaty self @captainkalmanzia and thanks for posting!
Please behold this week's #badassoftheweek @patinkasworld (the first w/the new book woo hoo!) chosen for her bright smile, her excellent product placement and the fact that her hair goes so well with my dress.
Ha - what an awesome pic! Thanks for posting and being our first airborne #BadassOfTheWeek @christinecelozzi. Boing!
I do so love a power tool-wielding lady! Way to take charge @marys.light. Thanks for posting this awesome pic!
Behold this week's #Badassoftheweek, @angelalmazanfitness chosen for obvious reasons. Hello? Talk about a superhero! How is that even possible? Way to be an inspiration woman!
Check out Badassery in action y'all! Thanks to @jackiewolven for being this week's #BadassOfTheWeek and for sharing her mad skills of running and reading at the same time.
Behold this week's #BadassoftheWeek @ecomusicbigband, chosen because she makes beautiful music, reminds us that practice is the key to badassery and because she rented damn Carnegie Hall y'all to put on a show! Hello!
Here's to convening with Mother Nature, pushing yourself to do cool, edgy things and making hard hats look good! Thanks for posting and bringing the Badassery with you @keetjaallard!
Here's to this week's #Badassoftheweek @johnhoopie, a listener, a reader, a Badass. Thanks for posting!
Congratulations to super Badass @soloconcerto, her adorable horse and their new venture together. Horses! My fave! Way to live the dream, lady!
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