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You Are a Badass® DIY
Coaching Program

At the core of You Are a Badass® 8 Weeks To Awesomeness DIY Course is the work we do around identifying your tired old stories and beliefs and giving them the heave-ho so you can create new ones that are in alignment with who you truly are and what you truly want (and that will help you gain clarity if you’re a tad fuzzy about who you truly are and what you truly want).

We work on raising your vibration, shifting your consciousness and getting you in the flow so your new stories can go beyond just, “yes please, these new stories sound totally neato” to you actually believing and embodying them as the truth.

We also anchor them in by immediately applying them to one greatly desired and super specific goal, chosen by you, that you’ll achieve by the end of this program.

How The Program Works

Because this is a DIY course you can obviously go at whatever pace you'd like, but I recommend using the same 8 week time frame the live course uses. Basically, you will pick one SPECIFIC goal to focus on achieving by the end of the 8 weeks (or however long you choose to take). Your goal could be anything from losing 20 pounds to making $10K extra in your business to getting a thousand new people on your email list to organizing your trip through India to quitting your job and finding one doing X to writing the first draft of your book to creating a habit of meditating every day for twenty minutes to setting up an online profile and finding someone spectacular to date to figuring out exactly what the hell your goals ARE.

1x Weekly Video Coaching

Each week you get one or more videos where I walk you through a series of different processes designed to help you with things such as mapping out your goal, improving your time management skills, strengthening your confidence, honing your focus, shifting your perception, overcoming your fears, poo-pooing your excuses, keeping your accountability strong, your vibration high, your belief in yourself fierce and your movement towards your goal unwavering.

1x Weekly Goal Sheets

Each week you’ll reinforce the lessons in the videos and laser in on how they apply to your personal process by writing your observations down. (Fear not, I kept the written work short, simple and to the point, I promise.)

2x Monthly Recorded Q&A Calls With Jen

Every two weeks for the duration of the program, you’ll get to listen in on recordings of coaching sessions from past live groups. These recordings tend to be very valuable resources because the people on the calls are going through the same process you are, and many of their questions will be similar to ones you might have. Something that might take you weeks to figure out on your own could be solved in minutes on one of these recordings.

2x Monthly Meditation/Motivational MP3s

Because it’s of utmost importance that you keep your expansive mindset strong and refrain from sinking back into old, limiting beliefs, every two weeks you’ll receive mp3s that you can listen to at your convenience as many times as you’d like. They will be full of love, light, inspiration and ass-kickery.

My Intentions

I created this program with the following intentions in mind:

Kick Your Butt

To give you the accountability, clarity, structure and mindset you need to reach your one, magnificent goal.

Adopt a Success Mindset

For you to massively raise your vibration and shift your perception so you can manifest miracles that have yet to enter your reality.

Be a Badass For Evah

To give you the tools to stay in this higher consciousness long after the program has ended so you can continue to kick ass.

Transformative change starts with a decision to let go of an old way of being. If you’re ready to let go and let your Badass shine, let’s rock, shall we?


Sara Drury

I'm so thankful for this group!

My 8 week goal was to create/film a 3-part video series opt-in to get more subscribers to my newsletter. So I had to decide what info to put in the videos, write a script, get all the products and tools together and film 4 videos. It was a lot of work but it's DONE!!!!! I'm so thankful for this group!

— Sara Drury
Sandra Blazynski

I increased my income by about 30 percent.

In those first few weeks, I increased my income by about 30 percent, thereby alleviating all financial stress. Now, I can buy something if I want it, I can go home for Christmas this year, and, for the first time in years, I have savings in the bank. This is remarkable.

— Sandra Blazynski
Shelley Nuger Newman

I made my goal..8 customers in 8 weeks!

I made my goal..8 customers in 8 weeks!

I am beyond grateful to all of you and I hope we can continue this remarkable journey together. I am truly so proud of all of us! GO BADASSES!!!!

— Shelley Nuger Newman
Amie Mendoza

I met AND SURPASSED the 8 week goal I set for myself

When I began Jen’s 8 week program, I had just started my own law firm and was struggling with growing my business. No matter what I did, I couldn’t seem to get myself out of the rut I had dug myself into. I decided to give it one more try using Jen’s course and advice. I signed up at the VIP level to and I set my goal: to increase revenue in my business to $10,000/month.

Let me tell you, this course and my conversations with Jen ROCKED my world! Throughout the 8 weeks, I uncovered some super limiting beliefs that I had unknowingly been using against myself, worked through them with Jen’s help, and BOOM! Not only did the clients start rolling in, but my personal relationships began to flourish!

I am super happy to say that I met AND SURPASSED the 8 week goal I set for myself – basically, her program took me from $2,843 billable hours a month to $10,580!

I can’t begin to explain how much this course did for me and just how grateful I am to Jen for her ass-kicking words of wisdom!

— Amie Mendoza,
Elijah Weiss

This program has been amazing so far and I'm pumped for these next few weeks!

I thought I had my goal set before I started this program, but through some of the worksheets I realized I had some different goals I had to tackle first. My client load is way over capacity and I've been avoiding hiring help for YEARS! That letting go of control/delegation thing is tough for me. Because of this program, I found an amazing person to bring in to help me and after 8 years I'm finally automating my business so I can really start to grow and expand!

I'm also super into the habit part of this program. I quit smoking 10 days ago and simultaneously started keeping a gratitude journal every night, something I've been "meaning to do" for years. Next up, finishing my website. (Done is better than perfect right?) This program has been amazing so far and I'm pumped for these next few weeks!

— Elijah Weiss,

Check out Beth Warford of PrettyLoaded.Org who grew her online audience by 400%, went from presenting to rooms of 10 people to crowds of 210 and is now poised to turn her monthly income into her hourly. And Kristen McKinzie who transformed her belief system, mastered her time-management and became the real live writer she was meant to be.

Derek Jay wrote an entire book, designed it, figured out how to self publish it and, you know, trained for and ran a marathon while taking my 8 week course. Talk about a Badass - check him out!

In the first 5 weeks, Janet Wallace made $13,000 towards her Badass goal, created an exercise HABIT, snagged her dream mentor and got medieval on her doubts and excuses. Social Deviants is her company, kicking butt is her bizniss, m’kay?

Rebecca Keating went from wondering where her next meal was coming from to manifesting $3K, a fancy convertible and whole lot of happiness.

Maggie Langrick, LifeTree Media Ltd., got out of overwhelm, attracted the team and big fat connections she needed to move her business forward and remembered how fun it is to kick butt doing what you love.

Don’t waste your one precious life settling for what you can get. Decide to go after your dreams like your life depends on it.

I’ll be waiting for you in Badassville!

Jen Sincero

NY Times Bestselling Author, World-Traveling Success Coach, Motivational Cattle Prod.

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